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De Rotterdam

Yesterday I had an amazing day taking a photowalk through Rotterdam, photographing architecture and the sights of the city. One of the buildings I was really looking forward to photograph is ‘De Rotterdam’, a ±149 m high building consisting of three towers connected through a joint supporting base. ‘De Rotterdam’ was originally designed by architect Rem Koolhaas in 1999, the construction started in 2009 and finished in November of this year.

This is such an amazing structure, the view looking up and around the building is fantastic, from the 6th floor you can look all the way up to the sky, the use of glass in ‘De Rotterdam’ is simply breath-taking.

Looking up to the skies in 'De Rotterdam'
Looking up to the skies in ‘De Rotterdam’
The view from 'Las Palmas'
The view from ‘Las Palmas’
The 6th floor of 'De Rotterdam'
The 6th floor of ‘De Rotterdam’
View from the side of the 'KPN Tower'
View from the side of the ‘KPN Tower’
'De Rotterdam' and the 'KPN Tower' together
‘De Rotterdam’ and the ‘KPN Tower’ together
Looking up from the street to 'De Rotterdam'
Looking up from the street to ‘De Rotterdam’
View from the 'Wilhelminapier'
View from the ‘Wilhelminapier’

Rotterdam in the mist

Rotterdam in the mist - Erasmusbrug

Rotterdam in the mist

Rotterdam in the mist

Polar Bear Vicks from Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam left the zoo today for Orsa bear park in Sweden. He waved us goodbye for the last time!

My new architectural photo series “Rotterdam – A wider perspective” puts Rotterdam in a new perspective. Using a Nikon D90 and a Sigma wide-angle lens this new series features high-rise skyscrapers and world-class architecture. More photographs will be added through time on Flickr and this blog. First in the series is the Kunsthal by world famous architect Rem Koolhaas(OMA).

Rotterdam – The essence of architecture

Rotterdam is the city where I was born and raised, and i’ve lived there for nearly 15 years, before moving to Dordrecht and eventually to Amersfoort, so you can imagine that I will always remain to have a big connection with this modern and dynamic city. A city with a rich past and present, reconstructed in a new way after the WWII bombings in 1940. The city is unique for being a city with influences from many cultures around the world, mainly for having one of the biggest ports in the world.

Maastoren in Rotterdam
The recently completed Maastoren, is currently the highest building in the Benelux.

The city is literally a playground for architects and building styles, famous examples are the Erasmus Bridge by architect Ben van Berkel, the Cube Houses by Piet Blom and the Delftse Poort by architect Abe Bonnema.

For me as a photographer, especially for someone who loves architectural photography, Rotterdam is the place to be. The modern city offers a perfect playground for many compositions and viewpoints, and is a great place to explore many modern building styles, from Post-Modernism to Structural Expressionism.

With the new area of the ‘Kop van Zuid‘ being expanded, including a new master plan from world famous architect Rem Koolhaas, my eyes are open to these new developments. The recently completed Maastoren is currently the highest building in the Benelux, but i think it will only be a matter of time before this status is surpassed by a new high-rise building.

‘Rotterdam – The essence of architecture’ is my third collection of photographs about Rotterdam. I am currently exploring the city’s main elements that contribute to the modern and liberal nature that has formed the city and it’s massive growth. But i’m also trying to define the main purpose of the architect when designing a building. What is purpose of the construction in relation to it’s surroundings and the people who are going to take use of the building. Can these modern buildings reflect the history and future of Rotterdam? That is the fundamental question in this series of photographs.

You can view these photographs on Flickr or in the slideshow below:

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