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This year i’ve spent my summer vacation on Vlieland, just like two years ago. Vlieland is one of the five Wadden Sea Islands in the dutch North Sea, this beautiful island has an amazing landscape, and a scenic beach.

Many types of birds, a diverse landscape and a peaceful environment are the key elements that made my experience on Vlieland a great one. And it’s absolutely a great place to take beautiful photographs.

Last weekend I visited a friend who lives in Heeg, a village in Friesland(The Netherlands), near the city of Sneek. I had the chance to walk through this beautiful place and explore the surroundings. From my landscape shots I composed the following panorama’s. Have a look at the amazing views Friesland has to offer. (The last panorama contains a little joke, do you know what it is?)

(All images are click-able for a larger view)