The Hague in Motion

The last two weeks i’ve spent my time working on the first photography assignment for my study at the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam. The assignment was very interesting to work on. The focus was experimenting with movement in photography, that meant doing everything with the shutter speed in your camera.

For this occasion I travelled to The Hague(Den Haag in dutch) last Monday. I’ve chosen this city because I had a cool urban subject in mind. The tram viaduct in the Beatrixkwartier area is an icon of modern architecture. At that location I could photograph the moving Randstadrail trains.

But the tram viaduct was not the only location in The Hague: the other two locations i’ve chosen where a tram line travelling trough the dutch government¬†buildings near the central station, and the ‘Ministerie van VROM’, designed by architect¬†Jan Hoogstad, where I photographed the crowd of people cycling and walking trough the enormous walkthrough hall in the building. In the past I took a photo of another building designed by Hoogstad, the Unilever building in Rotterdam.